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It would be impossible to get starved in Hanoi- the centre of sensational cuisine. No matter where you come from, an array of restaurants providing foreign fares and Vietnamese cuisines are always ready to serve all your needs. Even vegans also find Vietnam an ideal destination for an appetizing vegan meal. It is not hard to find a high end Vietnamese and foreign restaurants that could offer you either local specialties or cuisines of your home country either. But perhaps, as part of the adventure, why don’t you enjoy authentic Vietnamese fares as the way the local does, trying squat stool places at street side and Hanoi restaurants in narrow alleys?this is the best way to belly up to real local cuisine and enjoy your trip the most. Plus, nowhere in Vietnam could you easily savor delicious cuisine from three main regions of Vietnam as Hanoi restaurants in the Old quater. Get lost and find your own local favourite.

Hanoi Restaurant
So APT Travel Company Catched up with developing Toursim trends as well as hotel and restaurant. Our Company opened Blue Butterfly Restauant to meet the demand the taste of Customer.Blue butterfly restaurant is one of the best Hanoi restaurant with lies on the humble of the Old quarter.It’s knowed by Loneplanet guide book or introduced by friend or tripadvisor. Hereby some interview of restaurant as below:

“ Best Hanoi restaurant we went to in Hanoi ”

Blue butterfly was the best Hanoi restaurant we went to in our 5 day stay in Hanoi. Excellent selection on the menu, food was very tasty and the service was great (especially the waiter Tinh). This was perfect for our low budget as the food was of a high standard but very cheap, highly recommended.

Wrote by Stephanie

“ Of all the Hanoi restaurants we visited, this was the best” We ordered a few local dishes and we wanted a noodle dish so ended up ordering the Pho. Surprisingly it turned out as good if not better than their famous pho place.

Wrote by Kittychat28
( Singapore)

Beside that, Our Company is Opening the two restaurant to meet the demand for Customer cwhen they travel to Vietnam also Hanoi such as Orchid Restaurant and Countryside restaurant. More and more we are not only become professional travel company but also developing a series of Hanoi restaurant in the old quarter as well. In order to proof about the Foreword of Our General Manager as below:

In the field of tourism in Vietnam, APT Travel has been an assumed brand name of prestige and quality, both domestically and internationally. With this advantage, APT Travel not only focuses on quality improvement in the orientation of being more modern and professional, but also expands its scope into other fields, such as: resting - staying, restaurants, informative technology and media,…

General Manager
( Nguyễn Hồng Đài )
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