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16 taboos in countries

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 Syria banned the Yo-yo game to overcome drought and the Dutch did not sing during meals to avoid the devil. Each country has different taboos. Therefore, you can refer to the information below to avoid trouble when traveling.

Japan: Poking chopsticks into food is something you shouldn’t do. Also, don’t use chopsticks to point at someone, to Japanese people, that act is rude and impolite.

South Korea: People think that turning on a fan while sleeping in a closed room or without a window can lead to death. This is especially noticeable with young children and the elderly.

Philippines: After returning from a funeral, people do not go straight home but have to visit a commercial center, shops or bars. This will make evil spirits mislead and unable to follow them home. People call this tradition pagpag.

India: Haircuts, manicures and shaving on Tuesday are said to bring bad luck. Therefore, barbershops in this country usually close on Tuesdays.

Egypt: Seeing the owl or hearing its cry means you are about to encounter a terrible disaster. This is also the reason they do not go to the forest at midnight.

Syria: In 1933, the game of ball on the Yo-yo line was banned. It is believed that the ball’s non-touching loop is the cause of drought.

Afghanistan: People forbid to touch whose feet the broom was touching. If you do, one of your loved ones will die.

Russia: People believe sending birthday greetings too soon to someone will cause them to encounter bad luck. If they want to organize a birthday party for relatives and friends, they will always choose the right date or for after the birthday. In addition, the Russians also believe that shaking hands, hugging and kissing goodbye at the door will make them enemies. Therefore, this sweet ritual should be performed indoors or outdoors.

Mexico: Placing two mirrors opposite one could open the door for the devil.

Lithuania: Whistling can be normal in many countries. However, for Lithuanians, whistling indoors is considered a way of summoning demons.

Brother: Leaving shoes on a table has a bad meaning, because it symbolizes the death of a loved one. In the past, someone’s shoes were placed on a table as a way of letting people know they were dead.

Turkey: Itchy right hand is believed that you are about to make a money, and itchy left hand means you will lose money. Turks also abstain from jumping over a child. This action meant to curse them short.

Iceland: In the winter, if you want to knit, do it indoors. Here, weaving outside the doorstep can make the cold season last longer.

Netherlands: Don’t sing during meals, as this is like inviting a devil to a meal.

Hungary: Sitting at the corner of a table can make you difficult in love, marriage and always lonely. This belief also appears in Russia.

Spain: Entering the house, entering the room with the left foot is considered unlucky. On the contrary, stepping in or out of the house with the right foot will bring good luck.

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