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Top must-eat food in Hoi An, Vietnam

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 Top must-eat food in Hoi An, Vietnam 
Hoi An tourism not only attracts tourists by its peaceful beauty but also by an extremely rich and diverse culinary culture. In this article, we will introduce to you the best hoi an food by visit the site.

Ba Buoi chicken rice

Ba Buoi chicken rice is a name that has been present in Hoi An since the 1950s. For added convenience, the whole family moved to No.22, Phan Chu Trinh. Currently, the rice shop is managed by two children. Thanks to the family’s secret, the restaurant is still crowded every day.
Like many places, the chicken rice here also includes ordinary rice, boiled chicken and accompanying vegetables. Accordingly, the chicken chooses the type of gardening, laying a litter. Thus, the meat is firm, chewy and has a strong taste. Rice cooked rice also use only the old type, for at least one year or more. The raw vegetables were ordered directly from the nearby Tra Que vegetable village for full flavor.

Thanh Cao Lau

Where do you usually go to Hoi An to eat? Riverside by the evening? In the Vietnamese restaurants listed on the travel book? If not decided, you go to a very small restaurant, simple as a popular rice restaurant, located at 26 Thai Phien and has a simple name: Thanh Cao Lau.
Tall buildings here are not much different from other places, but the taste is more special. Bowl high floor full, high fiber floor light yellow, large, eat in chewy, soft, the pieces of meat are cut into large, thick, carefully made, tasty, very mouthful. And the whole class of fragrant fresh vegetables. They blend together and create a simple yet harmonious overall flavor, making you crave forever even after you’ve finished a bowl. The price of this Hoi An food here is 20,000 – 25,000 VND.

White rose restaurant

Dumplings and cauldron are two types of bread with similar ingredients and often eaten on a plate. Coming to Hoi An, if you want to try this special dish, do not forget to visit the White Rose restaurant on Hai Ba Trung Street. Here, you can not only enjoy delicious dumplings and cauldron, but you can also see their elaborate dumpling process firsthand.
The main raw materials for processing these two types of bread are rice, real white rice, whole grain, flexible, fragrant, grown on clean land. Cauldron fillet is made from pounded ground shrimp mixed with some pepper, garlic, onion, lemongrass and esoteric spices. The dumpling filling is made from pork, mushroom, sliced green onions and then fried with esoteric spices. Perhaps this seasoning is also a reason why dumplings and cauldron can only eat delicious in Hoi An.

Madame Khanh Bread

Hoi An bread is also a specialty that anyone who has ever come to this land to remember. And probably speaking of Hoi An bread, everyone thinks of the famous Phuong bread once praised by foreign culinary experts. But do you know, Hoi An bread also has an equally famous address, even more appreciated by foreign tourists? That is Madame Khanh’s shop.
Located on Tran Cao Van Street, a bit far from the old town, Madame Khanh bread is a tiny bakery with a simple, normal bakery. However, if you look a little closer, you will see this cupboard is full of praises from tourists all over the world. The tourists even favor the Madame Khanh bread – The Banhmi Queen (The Bread Queen).

Ba Gia restaurant

Pancakes are a combination of rice paper, wet rice paper and some other ingredients. Wet cake is drunk with green beans and placed between two pieces of baked rice paper. The bartender then lightly beats the cake with the hand so that the two pieces stick together. This must be tricky so that the wet bread sticks to the baked rice paper, helping the two outer layers not to crumble. Once the thickness is reasonable, the cake will be folded in half and then served with a plate of stir-fried mussels.
How to eat this dish properly is dipping with the fish sauce. This is a dipping sauce made from sugar, fried onions, minced pineapples, garlic and green chili peppers. You can go to Ba Gia restaurant in hamlet 1, Cam Nam commune to enjoy this attractive dish.

Banh Beo

Like many places, duckweed here is placed in small cups. The upper part places the flesh of the shrimp with a red-pink color, spotted with black pepper and green spots of green onions. Depending on your taste, you can add fish sauce or chili to increase the deliciousness.
To make Beo cake, people choose delicious rice, duck cake filling is mainly made from local products, which are shrimp, meat … At the shop, the owner arranged many cups of cake on the tray, poured the filling into them. Add grease, chutney, scallion, and serve on the table. Eating duckweed has to use “bamboo knife”, which is a sharp bamboo stick shape. Such cuisine also evokes curiosity for guests and is also the difference cuisine between dirt cake and other Hoi An delicacies made with rice.



Wonton is a Chinese dish but has existed in Hoi An for a long time so it is often considered one of the specialties of Hoi An. This Hoi An food comes in three forms: soup, fried and noodles. These are eaten much in the afternoon for lining up before enjoying the main dishes.
Main ingredients include flour, chicken eggs and shrimp. The batter, after beating with eggs and incubating, is rolled into thin pieces, cut into small cells to make crusts. The filling consists of finely ground marinated shrimp. Wonton is full of fragrant broth with pineapple, tomato and mushrooms. You will be served with a plate of young green vegetables. This is the perfect combination of food. Visitors can find this Hoi An food at Van Loc restaurant, 27 Tran Phu.

Gieng Ba Le restaurant

Tourists who come to Hoi An to visit without tasting banh xeo are a flaw because this is a typical culinary feature of Hoi An people. Hoi An is known for a lot of cakes, especially each dish is eaten in one season to enjoy all the deliciousness of it. Around the last 3 months of the year, when the weather is cold, pancakes shops are crowded, crowded with customers. On rainy days, sitting in a small restaurant, enjoying this hot Hoi An food is very interesting.

Meat skewers of Kazik Park, Tran Phu street

For only 5,000 dong, you can eat a skewers of hot and hot barbecue. Hoi An people enjoy the skewers a little different. The grilled meat on the charcoal grill is still hot wrapped in a thin layer of thin cakes, wet cakes, herbs, star fruit, cucumber and dipping sauce with special processing. The sweetness of the sauce, the sourness of star fruit, the deliciousness of the meat, the spicy of chili, the acrid of raw vegetables … all make up the “can not just eat a single stick” taste of this barbecue. You can find to Suong shop, right on the sidewalk of Kazik Park to enjoy.

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