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dts-200 – máy đo lực căng – hans schmidt
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12 tháng
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DTS-200 – Máy đo lực căng – Nhà cung cấp Hans Schmidt Vietnam chính hãng giá cạnh tranh
dts-200 – máy đo lực căng – hans schmidt
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DTS-200 – Máy đo lực căng – Nhà cung cấp Hans Schmidt Vietnam chính hãng giá cạnh tranh




DTS-200 – Máy đo lực căng – Nhà cung cấp Hans Schmidt Vietnam chính hãng giá cạnh tranh


Calibration: According SCHMIDT factory procedure
Accuracy: For PA from 5 % up to 100 % FS*:
± 0.5 % FS* ± 1 digit
remaining tension range and other calibration materials:
±3 % full scale and ±1 digit
Memory for material curves: 1 for SCHMIDT calibration plus 4 for customized calibrations
Measuring units: Force (switchable): cN, daN, g, kg, N, lb
Thickness (switchable): mm, inch
Overrange: Approx. 10 % FS*, full scale, without accuracy guarantee
Overload protection: 100 % full scale
Measuring principle: Strain gauge bridge
Signal processing: Digital, 16 bit A/D converter
Measuring frequency: Max. 1 kHz (1000 measurings/sec.), intern 8 kHz
Measuring roller deflection: Max. 0.2 mm
Display: Graph LCD
3 different displays: Numeric,
Numeric with graph (time-tension)
Display update rate: Approx. 2 times per second
Memory: MIN, MAX, PEAK, AVG and LAST
Damping: Adjustable electronic damping (averaging)
Cal. Adjustment: ± 10 steps in 1 % increment
Thickness compensation: Max. 2.5 mm (not available for all models)
Auto power off: Approx. 3 minutes of non-use
Temperature coefficient: Gain: less than ± 0.01 % FS* /°C
Zero point: Less than ± 0.03 % FS* /°C
Temperature range: 10 – 45 °C
Air humidity: 85 % RH, max.
Power supply: LiPo accumulator (approx. 40 h continuous use), charging time approx. 3 1/2 h,
USB AC adapter 100 – 240 V AC with 4 adapters (EU/USA/UK/AUS-NZ)
Housing material: Die-cast aluminium
Housing dimensions: See Dimensions
Weight, net (gross): Up to DTS-50K approx. 875 g / 1550 g
DTS-60K-V1 approx. 1040 g / 2700 g
Arkon Vietnam MAGX2 IP68 – T5CMN – D80HR16HA
  Flowmeter type Electromagnetic
Arkon Vietnam MAGX2 4-20 mA output
  4-20mA current loop programmable
Arkon Vietnam MAGX2 RS485 module
  Communication Via MODBUS RTU
Unitronics Vietnam V230-13-B20B
Unitronics Vietnam V200-18-E3XB
E2S Vietnam GNExB2LD2AC230AS2A1R/C
  Explosion Proof LED Multifunction Beacon
Fluke Process Instrument Vietnam E-2CCB4
  High-temp (200°C) multi-conductor cable with connector, 4m (13 ft.) not including terminal strip
SIBRE Vietnam GH 160.28, 25/100% ED IP54
  Solenoid M4 Include control unit SCU 3.50 for input voltage 200-240 V, AC
Autosigma Vietnam HS-210
  Pressure Switch
PR Electronics Vietnam Model: 4116
  PR Universal Transmitter
PR Electronics Vietnam Model: 4511
  PR Enabler
MOXA Vietnam Model: NPort 5210
  2 port device server, 10/100M Ethernet, RS-232, RJ45 8pin, 110V or 230V
MOXA Vietnam Model: ioLogik E1210
  Remote Ethernet I/O, 16DI, 2-port Switch
MOXA Vietnam Model: ioLogik E1212
  Remote Ethernet I/O, 8DI/8DIO, 2-port Switch
Ebm-Past Vietnam Model: K2E250-AA01-09
SUKU Vietnam Code: 6325416100
  Description: Pressure gauge; Range: -1 to 0 bar, Liquid filled, Dial 100mm, Connection G 1/2 bottom
SUKU Vietnam Code: 4310184100
  Description: Pressure gauge; Range: 0-250 bar , NS 63mm , case SS304 wetted part copper alloy , Connection G1/4B male bottom
Control Solutions Minnesota Vietnam Code: BB2-7010-01
  Babel Buster BB2-7010 BACnet IP to Modbus, SNMP Gateway
KASUGA Vietnam Model: WBST223
  Push Button Operation Switch, Strong Rainproof Type
KATEEL Vietnam Model: K-DAF/70-MS
  Hydraulic disc brakes – spring applied/ hydraulically released with Brake On / Off & 1 mm pad wear switch Mechanical switch, max. 30 VDC – Make: Kateel; Q’ty = pc
KATEEL Vietnam Sintered Brake Pad for the Model: KDAF/70-MS’ Q’ty = set
KATEEL Vietnam Model: KC-PF-400
  Pneumatic Failsafe Disc Brake with Sintered Brake Pad (5 – 7 Bar)
Norgen/ Model: B68E-NAK-AU3-RLN
IMI Norgren Vietnam without mounting frame and without manometer
Norgen/ Model: Y68A-8AN-N1N
IMI Norgren Vietnam Mounting frame 1F 1”-NPT Norgren
Norgen/ Model: 18-015-204
IMI Norgren Vietnam Manometer 1/8NPT
ABB Vietnam OFAFC000GG16
  (OFAA000GG16) 16A, 690VAC, gG Cầu chì



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